Social Programs

Help a Child
Education is inalienable right of the children and youth of this country. We will work in every possible way to achieve that goal.

We are directly working with families and schools to help their children with educational loans, scholarships, specialized tuition’s, educational materials, clothes etc.

We are currently focused in the villages of Bhangeli,Gungan,Hurri,Sunagar,Bukki,Sanglai,Tihar,Nattin,Tirang,Kujjan, and Salang in Batwari Block Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand.

Rahat in Uttarakhand
Devastating floods across Uttarakhand has left many dead, thousands homeless and massive destruction to property and other infrastructure.

Tourism, which was the backbone of Uttarakhand has been terribly affected by the aftermath of this savage outburst of nature and it created a huge humanitarian crisis with a shattered economy. Many of people have lost their livelihoods and struggling to support their basic existence.

What we have done since June 17- 2013?
Right after the floods, the village was visited and understood that the people were in need of medical support and daily food supply. Back in Uttarakshi organized everything with the financial support of some friends (VaidyanthanRamchandra, Mukundanji, Narendra from Chennai, Rajivnarayan from Bangalore, Louise and Jeannette from Holland, Harihar and Devi Els from Belgium)
Ram collected food, medicines, etc. and went back to the village to distribute everything. At this time Kasikha was not founded yet.
Ram started relief work for the locals.Then was decided to register Kashika as official organisation with Indian Trust Registration Act, date of official registration 29-11-2013. Kashika has been operating in the Uttarkashi district ever since.
Severe rains and landslides effected the district drastically. The roads literally disappeared in some patches. That disconnected the people who were residing above Uttarkashi.
Ration, vegetables and other daily accessories which reached these villages in trucks earlier, were not able to reach the people now. All this stuff was now being transported on mules and horses. It tremendously reduced the speed of transport. Also the quantity reaching , was very less than the actual demand.
It was organizations like Goonj, Sivanand Ashram, Anand Ashram, Boond, Adi Shankara Bramha Vidya Peeth, Moksha, Louise ( friend of Ram) which started relief work for these people.
But, the resources had to be managed and distributed according to the need. This is where Ram of Kashika start to organize this also.All the villages were surveyed and a list of needs was prepared. Kashika, distributed all the relief material accordingly.

Here is a list of what Kashika has been doing ever since.

1. we distributed notebooks and other stationery to 350 children.
2. Just after the disaster,with the help of Sivanand Ashram Ganeshpoor,Uttarkashi, a medical camp was organised in many villages.
3. Electricity was not reaching these villages. With the help of Boond & Goonj, Kashika distributed 20 home solar systems in 4 served villages.
4. Adi Shankara Brahma Vidya Peeth & Moksha sent 200 school kits. These kits included a school bag,notebooks and other stationary. All of this was distributed to the children in these villages.
5. Ration was sent from various sources. Kashika, distributed the ration in 10 villages.
6. 25 water purification systems were distributed in various schools. Wave for Water(US) sponsored these systems.
7. Sivanand Ashram, Rishikesh, with Kashika, gave scholarships worth Rs.5000/- to about 199 students.
8. Ananda Ashram, Kerala, gave scholarships worth Rs.3000/- to 100 students.
9. Adi Shankara Brahma Vidya Peeth, Uttarkashi, agreed to sponsor the education of 25 students for the coming 5 years. The students were selected according to the needs.
10. With the support of Goonj we have setup a library in the village of Sanglai.
11. Onergy has donated 10 computers, software and solar panel to set up 2 computer centres, one in Sanglai and one in Hurricentre.

12. A solar training for 3 boys was provided by ONergy.

While we were conducting the survey, people emphasized on education facilities for their children, more than ration or money.
Kashika, now is running Five “Academic centres”, in the villages of Sanglai, Hurri, Bhangeli,Bukki and Tihar.
These “Academic Centres”, provide unparallel education to the children. Young unemployed graduates of the respective villages have been employed as teachers.Also Kashika is running 2 computer centres and one library in Sanglai and Hurri.

Activities that followed the Rahat work……..

• Ration distribution to around 400 families.
• Medical Camp at Sanglai center.
• Distributed sweaters, caps and socks for 200 children.
• Sweater knitting program for women.
• Repairing of roads at Hoori & Kujjan village through motivating volunteers of the villages.
• Village sanitation drives at village Salang and Tihar held by volunteers of the villages.
• Distributed study materials, clothes and shoes for 433 students and covered Annual School Fees
for 146 students.
• Teachers training programs are conducted with the help of Azim Premji Foundation.

Project in Hand:

Plagued by continued economic paralysis due to floods, many families in Himalayas still live on the edge. We are determined to help them until they rebuild their lives. Along with new tuition centers and computer centers, we are also planning to start few hostels for students to stay so that they can avoid long and treacherous commute every day.

* Continue educational aid to 606 student.
* Develop our current study centers as model study centers.
* Open 2 Jhola (shoulder bag) libraries.
* Provide milking cows to widows.
* Bio-gas plants at village.
* Construct an office cum study center at Jhala village.
* Organic farming in selected areas.
* Build a hostel in Bhatwari for students.
* Treat anemic patients through our centers.
* Plant of saplings on the road side.
* To promote Sanskrit Langue and basic Yoga practices.
* Actively involve in The Honorable Prime Minister
Sri Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan
* Street Plays by Students to raise awareness on the importance
of Ganga and its cleanliness

Uttarakhand is just the beginning. Kashika, aims to reach as many such villages as possible.