Kashika Story

In the summer of 2013, when unprecedented floods ravaged the beautiful terrains of Uttarakhand, it presented one of the worst humanitarian crisis in recent history. Even the combined effort of government, army and many aid organizations seemed too little considering the enormous challenge it posed.
When few individuals who often lived, visited and maintained a deep connection with Uttarakhand, got together ,only aim to was to reach out to affected people and help them in all possible ways. The team has traveled to many villages, disconnected with the rest of the world and distributed rations and essential supplies. When our efforts continued with the help of many organizations, we formed a trust called “Kashika” with sole aim of prolonged intervention in the flood affected areas.
Along with supplying relief materials, we did an extensive survey around the villages of Bangeli,Gungan,Sunagar,Hurri,Bukki,Sanglai,Tihar,Tirang,Nattin,Kujjan and Salang in Bhatwari Block of Uttarkashi to find the deserving children who are in need of support to continue their education. We identified around 450 children around Bhatwari Block .
Many have supported us in this endeavor. The Divine Life Society(Sivananda Ashram) of Rishikesh gave generous amount of Rs.5000/- in scholarship to 200 students. Anand Ashram of Kerala also gave Rs.3000/- in scholarships to 100 students. Adi Shankar Brahm Vidyapeeth of Uttarkashi is sponsoring for 25 students for a span of 5 years. And we have distributed many educational materials sent by various organizations and private individuals. To make a continuous impact, we have also established 5 tuition centers, 2 libraries and two computer centers with the support of Goonj and are being run with the support of The Divine Life Society. We are quite thankful for the support we received from various organizations and private individuals.

The socio economic impact of the floods still remains very evident on the ground. Sustained economic paralysis triggered by extensive damage of infrastructure has put many families on the edge.
Kashika is engaging with those families to make sure they get all support needed for educating their children in the coming academic year. Along with educational materials, we are also planning to start few hostels for students to stay so that they can avoid long and treacherous commute every day. Also to supplement their formal education, we are planning to start more tuition centers and study centers. We are requesting various organizations and individuals to come forward and help us to make a small difference to the world.

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