Originally from Kerala, Ramji was dedicated to promoting Sanskrit language and culture at SAMSKRITA BHARRTI in south India for 6 years. Since then, he has been living a sadhaka life under the guidance of Swami Divyanand Saraswati (Kailash Brahm Vidyapeeth) in Uttarakhand. After losing his kutiya (home) in a flood in 2013, and seeing the devastation and suffering of the nearby villagers, he realized there was an immediate need to organize meaningful relief efforts for these communities.

While working closely with the villagers to rebuild their communities, they kept emphasizing the need for improved educational opportunities for their children. Money and food could come or go, but the villagers recognized that building a better future for their children would require better education. This was their dream. And now it is Ramji’s dream too.


IMG_2624Sri T.M.Narendran has been a long time friend and associate of Ramji. His attended school and college in the USA for a period of 10 years, and then decided to return to India after reading the books for Swami Sivananda of Divine Life Society. He first met Ramji at Samskrita Bharati, Bangalore in 2001 where both of them had come to learn and propagate the Samskrit languge. He then continued to study the Samskrita language, the vedas and the sastras with several gurus and Acharyas, both in Bangalore and Mysore. He currently lives and teaches in Mysore and is actively involved in the activities of Kashika. He is currently pursuing PhD in Samskrit and his primary goal is to bring the knowledge of indian traditional sciences to the common man.

Margadharshakah (Our Mentors)

Swami PadmanabhanandaJi Matha PornapragnaJi Swami JanardanandaJi
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General Secretary,Sivananda Aashram, The Divine Life Society, Rishikesh Akanda Bodha Ganga Theerth, Raiwala, Haridwar Vishnudeva Tapovan, Uaattarakashi
Swami HaribrhmendranandaJi (Kutti Swami) Swami GopiJi Swami Shiva BhakthanandaJi
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Aadishankara Brahma Vidyapeetam, Uttarkashi Sivananda Aashram, The Divine Life Society, Rishikesh Sivananda Aashram, The Divine Life Society, Rishikesh