Shishu Seva(Feeding Kids)

Picture7We at Kashika have started a program called “Sishu Seva” which provides supplementary food to the poor children of our study center in Tihar and Hurri. This program is being implemented in the following manner. On the first day wheat porridge mixed with dry fruits is given. On the second day, Channa with Soy Beans are given. On the third day, pounded rice with dry fruits is provided. Soya cooked with Kabul Channa is provided on the fourth day. Peanut and jaggery is given on the fifth day. On the next day, cooked green gram with soya is given to children. This is being continued in a cycle. We have arranged a woman of the both village itself for cooking the food. Currently, around 123 students are benefitted by this program daily.IMG_3385

As we have observed over time, the nutritional value of the food taken by the children is very poor. As they stay in interior villages they are unable to get proper intake of proteins and vitamins. Thus, the general health of these children is poor and many of the children have been diagnosed with anemia. With the support and guidance of Dr. Kurbanji and Dr. Tarunji, we have started this seva program.
We would also like to extend this program to our other study centers in other villages. We would like your suggestions and support .