Spritual Seekers in the Lap of Tihar

IMG_8514Swami KashiMuktananda Ji is conducting a spiritual tour every year called Heart Pilgrimage in which spiritual seekers from various countries participate. This year 33 people along with Swami Kahsi Ji visited Kashika’sTihar study center on the 11th of October. To inspire the students, each person visited one student’s house and interacted with the student about his or her studies and other interests. The family members of the students were also happy to host the visitors. Kashika also arranged for traditional village food for all the visitors together. They also saw various programs organized by the children themselves. Then they distributed clothes and play things and stationary to the children. Each of them spent the night in a student’s house and partook of the food there itself. The next morning, the visitors along with the students visited various parts of the Tihar village. After finishing breakfast, the group left Tihar around 10 am. Many small children accompanied us till the village entrance. Everybody enjoyed this experience. We at Kashika requested them to share their suggestions and also support the education of the students. IMG_3317

On the 9th of October, some members of the Heart Pilgrimage visited Kashika’s study center in the village of Hurri where the Jahnavi Mala project it being couducted. The initial founders of this project, Tony and Lee Davis, trained the women in newer ways of beading the mala. The villagers offered food for the whole group. The children of our study center performed a play based on the Ramayana. Lee and Tony are also offered to provide jackets to our students. Some of the group members also offered to sponsor the student’s education. IMG_7954

The villagers were very happy with the whole experience and wanted the guests to visit their village again. We also pray to Ma Ganga that they come again and also be an active part of Kashika’s programs. We thank Swami Kashi Ji for making this wonderful experience possible.